Personal data file description

Personal data file description based on §10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)



Stelon Oy
Palolantie 3 B
FI-90620 Oulu
Business ID: 2510678-4
Phone: +358 10 320 9430


Name and contact information of the person responsible for the personal data file:

Risto Häkli
Palolantie 3 B
FI-90620 Oulu
+358 10 320 9430


Name of the personal data file:

Stelon Oy’s personal data file


Purpose of processing personal data:

A personal data file is kept for the purpose of implementing, maintaining, and developing business operation. Personal data are processed in connection with order handling, invoicing, payment collection, marketing, and taking care of and developing customer relationships. Stelon Oy processes personal data provided by customers only to the extent necessary for taking care of customer relationships.


Information contained in the personal data file:

The following data subject’s information may be stored in the personal data file:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • email address
  • Company and position
  • Company’s address information
  • Information related to a customer or other business-like relationship


Personal data sources:

Contact information and other information related to customer relationships are provided by Stelon Oy’s customers upon initiation of and during said customer relationships. Business customer data may also be obtained from public registers and companies’ public web pages.


Transfer of personal data to outside the EU or EEA:

Personal data are not stored outside the EU or EEA. Stelon Oy does not disclose information connected to the personal data file to outsiders.


Personal data file protection:

The controller’s computer system and files are protected by technical protection methods normally used in business operation. The right to access the personal data file requires a personal username and password, which are given only to an employee of the controller who needs to access customer information to do his or her work. Stelon Oy’s entire staff and all outside persons working for Stelon Oy are obligated to observe secrecy regarding all customer information. A person’s data are erased from the personal data file upon request or when processing of said data is no longer necessary.

Stelon Oy adheres to the laws of Finland in all personal data file matters related to its inquiries.


Right of access to and rectification of personal data

According to §26 of the Personal Data Act, a data subject has the right to access the data on him or her that is stored in the personal data file. A written request for access must be submitted to the person responsible for personal data file matters.

In addition, according to §29 of the Personal Data Act, a data subject has the right to request rectification of erroneous data contained in the personal data file. A rectification request must specify the error and provide the correct data. A written rectification request must be submitted to the person responsible for personal data file matters.


Erasure of personal data

Personal data may be erased upon request of a data subject or upon termination of a newsletter subscription. web pages’ visitor monitoring

The web pages use Google Analytics software provided by Google Inc. (hereinafter “Google”) for user monitoring. Said software’s Java script code is run each time a page is downloaded. Google Analytics individualizes each user by means of cookies, which are text files stored by the browser on the user’s computer. Use of the web pages is sent and stored on Google’s servers, e.g., in the USA. Google uses this information to compose reports on web page use; these reports are used to compile statistics on visitor numbers and to improve service.

A user cannot be directly identified from user information collected with cookies. A user can prevent the use of cookies by selecting cookie blocking in the browser’s settings. In that case the user may not necessarily be able to use all of the functions on the web pages. By using these web pages the user agrees to allow Google to collect information for the above-mentioned purposes.

Google Analytics also collects information about visitors’ points of interest on the basis of the types of pages that the visitor’s browser has accessed on the Google Display Network and judges visitors’ demographic information on the basis of these data. Google Analytics collects only anonymous information about assumed points of interest of visitor groups and assumed demographic information about visitor groups. No information on visited pages nor of individual visitors is collected.

Google may collect and process data on users’ actual location when they use the Google Maps map on the web pages. Google determines location by using various technologies, such as IP addresses, GPS data, and other sensors that may, e.g., provide Google with information about nearby devices, Wi-Fi network base stations, and radio towers.

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