Finns are the most sauna-loving people in the world. Finns have taken sauna baths weekly ever since they were little kids, and indeed many Finns have pleasant memories of sauna bathing that date back to their early childhood. The best memories are often connected to a summer cottage or backyard sauna.

Stelon Oy wants to offer its customers products that help them keep their sauna clean, make their sauna longer lasting, and enhance their sauna bathing pleasure.

We are recognized for three important values.

  1. Flexibility
    Our strength as a small company is our nimble and flexible way of reacting to our customers’ needs and wishes.
  2. Prompt deliveries
    We deliver our products very quickly. Ordered products are often on our customer’s shelf already the next day.
  3. Customer service
    Customer service is our most important work. We always try to take the needs and possible special wishes of both our small and large customers into consideration. We are also glad to serve individual consumers regarding any and all questions related to our products.

We focus particular attention on quality and cost efficiency in our operation, without forgetting environmental values.

Where are our products sold?

Our products are sold mainly by hardware stores, paint stores, and lumberyards throughout Finland.

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